This guarantee applies to puppies that are paid for in full at regular price.???????????????????????????????

  • Puppies sold at discounted prices do not qualify for this guarantee.
  • J and J Aussies will honestly represent all puppies and adult dogs.
  • If there is something wrong with a puppy and we know about it, we will fully disclose the information. Our puppies and dogs are checked for any health problems that can be observed in a small puppy about 6 to 8 weeks of age.
  • We raise puppies to be part of the family and therefore, parents are chosen for their health and disposition.
  • Certain health problems are found within this breed as with other breeds. If anything is discovered, we will notify the customer. Our adult dogs and puppies are all raised under veterinary supervision.
  • Puppies are given preventative medicines at specific times to treat and prevent health problems such as worms, coccidiosis, and parvo, etc. See our page Health Schedules for specific information.
  • Our puppies are given a wormer starting at 4 weeks.
  • Be careful exposing a young puppy to places frequented by many dogs that may be contaminated or leave contaminated substances.
  • Ask your vet for a recommended health care regimen.
  • Our puppies generally stay with us until they are 8 weeks old. If particular puppies have thrived from birth and are strong/healthy since being weaned, we may allow them to leave a few days early. Therefore we only guarantee puppies that have been with us for at least 7 weeks and a full week of weaning.
  • Buyers have 5 business days from the time of pickup to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian at the buyer’s expense. If the buyer’s veterinarian finds that a puppy has a serious health problem during the 5 business days that will significantly affect its long-term quality of life (not including illnesses/conditions such as colds, viruses, coccidiosis, worms, etc.), then we will have our veterinarian confirm the diagnosis. In this case the buyer may return the puppy at the buyer’s expense.
  • In the case of a puppy’s death during this time, the buyer must submit a veterinary report (from the veterinarian who treated/examined the puppy) to our veterinarian for inspection.  We will offer a refund or trade equal to original puppy purchased.
  • We do not offer refunds or reimbursements for health care after puppy is picked up.
  • We do not offer refunds or reimbursements for the loss of a puppy due to accidents or buyer/owner negligence.
  • Our dogs are all healthy and free of genetic health problems through parentage.
  • Puppies offered at a reduced price will be sold with full disclosure as to the reason for the lower price. They will be sold “as is” without guarantees related to the reason for the lower price.

State of Iowa Law Code

673.2 Liability.

A person, including a domesticated animal professional, domesticated animal activity sponsor, the owner of the domesticated animal, or a person exhibiting the domesticated animal, is not liable for the damages, injury, or death suffered by a participant or spectator resulting from the inherent risks of a domesticated animal activity.