Mini Aussies


Miniature Australian Shepherds are amazing dogs! They are great for families and train easily. We chose this breed after doing months of research. Tucker was our very first aussie and we were hooked. After a few years we decided that raising mini aussies to share with others would work great on our family farm … and we had 3 kids to help too! We have been blessed to have owned a variety of adults and wonderful puppies. All of them have had their own unique personalities and every one of them has been a loving, people-dog .

Below is some information to help you better understand these lovable companions.


General Appearance

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a dog of medium size and bone. He is attentive and animated combined with strength and stamina as well as agility. He has a coat of moderate length and coarseness with a variety of colors. An identifying characteristic is his natural or docked bobtail.


The Miniature Australian Shepherd is intelligent, primarily a working dog with strong herding and guardian instincts, he is an exceptional companion. He is versatile and easily trained. He is reserved with strangers but does not exhibit shyness.


Coat colors include blue merle, red (liver) merle, solid black and solid red (liver) and with or without white markings and/or tan (copper) points. The blue merle and black have black pigmentation on nose, lips and eye-rims; the red (liver) merle and red (liver) have liver pigmentation on nose, lips and eye-rims.

Beware “lethal whites”. These are aussies whose parents were both merle in color. This can lead to a pure white, double merle aussie that  is ONLY produced when two merle dogs are crossed. The puppies from the litter that carry the double merle or homozygous merle gene which is approximately 25% of the litter. These puppies will have excessive white on their head and on their bodies similar to the pattern whites, the only difference is that these puppies will be deaf and/or blind either starting from birth or they may develop one or both of these disabilities later in life.

Many non-reputable breeders will call the double merle a “rare, white” aussie because they are typically more white than any other color. The non-reputable breeders will sell these puppies for top dollar and never tell the unsuspecting buyers that their new little boy or girl will be deaf or blind within a year, if it isn’t already.

Since these double merle carriers are being sold, many people are lead to believe that all mini aussies can become deaf or blind or that these disabilities run in the Australian Shepherd breed. This is not true. The pattern white Aussies are usually considered to be color mis-marks  and will NOT be blind or deaf as the double merle will be.